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Alano Clubs
Alano Club's today are a structure for for ex-drunks to congregate and provide a environment for them and their families with a "town hall" for companionship and fun.  

In 1940, a group of whisky-steeped A.A.'s in Akron, Ohio, organized the appropriately named Arid Club.  Seven years later, in New York, an even more booze-wracked group of A.A.'s  opened a club and called their organization the Twenty-Four-Hour Club because they believed that going just twenty-four hours at a time without a helpful snort would be a monumentally ambitious program.  Word of these two outstanding successes spread abroad.and clubs for alcoholics sprang up all over the country.  Now hundreds of Clubs are located in the United States, Canada and on every Continent.

Club life for ex-drunks is another of A.A.'s  miracles. It transforms many A.A.'s  as it helps the cure and social readjustment of ordinary case-hardened alcoholics into shining examples of its spiritual philosophy.

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